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Condominium News & Newsletters  
     Notice of terrace patio and BBQ1 comment2022/04/112022/04/11 01:54 PM
     Government Mandate Notice comment2022/01/042022/01/04 11:19 AM
     Party and Dining Room Closed Notice comment2021/12/202021/12/20 11:37 AM
     Elevator Access Control Activate2 comments2021/07/272021/07/27 11:48 AM
     Remove item from outside of unit and parking spot comment2021/05/042021/06/16 03:51 PM
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Service Notices & Maintenance  
      MONTHLY TESTING comment2022/11/212022/11/21 11:04 AM
     Monthly fire testing comment2022/07/222022/07/22 10:34 AM
     Cleaning on the Kitchen Stacks (Snake & Power Wash Schedule) comment2022/07/132022/07/13 10:41 AM
     Kitchen stack clean-out program notice comment2022/06/172022/06/17 03:35 PM
     Interruption of electricity comment2022/01/052022/01/05 03:46 PM
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Reference Articles  
     In-Suite Fire Alarm Manual1 comment2021/02/222021/02/22 01:13 PM

Rental & Sales  
     Parking and Locker Rental List20 comments2021/04/142022/10/28 03:12 PM
     Dog Walking + Dog Sitting1 comment2022/09/262022/09/26 01:02 PM
     Puppy Services comment2022/03/092022/03/09 11:30 AM

Building Reminders  
     Smoking safety and Cigarette Butt Notice1 comment2021/04/012021/04/01 03:32 PM
     Air circulation recommendation comment2021/03/112021/03/11 01:57 PM
     Visitor Parking comment2020/11/092020/11/09 09:59 AM
     Soil & Water Spillage - General Notice1 comment2020/10/082020/10/08 10:59 AM
     Parking Permit Protocol Through Website1 comment2020/09/242020/09/30 11:35 AM

Fire Protection Services - Proposals  
     Annual Fire Inspection 2022 comment2022/04/202022/04/20 10:52 AM

Visitors' Parking  
     Visitors' Parking Notice comment2020/11/162020/11/16 12:54 PM

Policies & Rules  
     Workplace Violence and Harassment Policy and Program comment2022/11/182022/11/18 12:03 PM
     Customer Service Accessibility Policy comment2022/11/182022/11/18 11:28 AM
     TSCC 2784 RULES comment2022/05/092022/05/09 12:49 PM
     TSCC 2784 BY-LAW comment2022/05/092022/05/09 12:47 PM

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