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Electric vehicle questionnaire
Dear residents:
Are you moving forward with EV or interest EV charging? Please complete attached electric vehicle questionnaire.

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In advance, we thank you for your participation.

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 Comment# 1 posted by Sergiy Semenets at 2021/07/21 05:18 PM
Support EV Charging
Please consider installing EV chargers as many companies have committed to FULLLY converting to an EV line up of vehicles by 2025-2030.
 Comment# 2 posted by Ben Taylor at 2021/03/30 11:29 AM
We also want plugs for electric bicycles!
Right now there are no power outlets at all in the parking garage. This was a huge oversight as many people storing cars over winter need to plug them in, but more importantly with the growing popularity of e-bikes, we need to be able to charge our batteries in the bike lockup/parking spots! I’d like to request we add a few of them to the garage this spring.
 Comment# 3 posted by Derek Marsham at 2021/03/29 10:04 AM
Eco-Conscious Residents
Over the last few years, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of fully electric and plug-in electric hybrid vehicles sold in Canada. Nearly every major automotive company in the world is selling a plug-in vehicle. The market for electric vehicles is rapidly expanding and now is the best time to begin planning for the increasing demand for access to charging equipment. The ability to provide charging as an amenity will also attract and retain highly valued, eco-conscious residents. Additionally, more electric vehicles in our parking structure will reduce emissions and improve overall air quality. The EV parking spaces in out building appear to have been marked and are roughed in which is a great first step that was planned pre-build to attract and retain these highly valued, eco-conscious residents for years to come.
 Comment# 4 posted by Julijana Vejin at 2021/03/29 09:53 AM