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Elevator Access Control Activate
Dear residents,

RE: Elevators Access Control Activate

All 3 elevators access control of our building will activate from July 28, 2021.
You will need your FOB to activate elevators to all floors except P1, ground and 2nd floor.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation to the above matter.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss further, please contact us at (416) 601–0860.

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 Comment# 1 posted by Khrystal Thomas at 2021/09/30 01:26 PM
Appreciate the added security
I'm actually happy with this new feature as it keeps residents safer by prevent unauthorized persons from accessing our homes. When I've had visitors I called the concierge to give them a heads up and advised my guests to check with in with the concierge. No issues there.

It would be nice though if once a guest has been buzzed in via intercom, they automatically get access to that floor. I've seen that in other condos.
 Comment# 2 posted by Subhanya Sivajothy at 2021/07/28 09:24 PM
FOB Access
Hi! This new change is very inconvenient for residents because when visitors, dog walkers, families with children etc. come into the building now, someone is going to have come downstairs to let them in. This is going to further increase wait times for the elevator which can already get pretty long. I also think it's a safety issue because on my floor there are many families and this is restricting access to family members who don't have FOBs. I've noticed other residents also expressing discontent at this change. I understand that there may be some security concerns, but there are already wonderful concierge staff at the front of the building and there is already a buzzer system. Anyway, in conclusion I don't think this is a good idea in the long term and is adding more unnecessary restrictions. Thank you!